Silver Price – Does The Meteoric Rise Begin Here?

Where does the silver price go from here?

Who knows.

For silver stackers, the wait for a bull run has been long and arduous, and literally YEARS in the making. From a record high of $49 to the current $13 handle. At this point, I wouldn’t even be surprised if most traders┬áhave sold their stash, paper or physical. It’s been nothing but a depression.

But, what’s next? Can you imagine the price dropping further, below $10, towards zero?

Not me.

In fact, I’d argue that silver at $13+ right now is a STEAL. A trade of a lifetime. A godsend for those wanting to long silver. A ridiculously mind-blowing opportunity you may never ever encounter in the next few decades.

lol OK, enough.

Do what you must.