Revisiting USD/NOK

For now, let’s revisit one final currency pair.


This one in particular, had the most compelling signs on a reversal, yet I think many forex traders failed to see it.

Think convergence and divergence.

So this pair reversed around 9.000, almost on the dot, before oil prices turned around from its lows, and it’s now trading at 8.6547.

Did you catch it?

If not, and you’re looking to get in at this point, it’s safer (and more profitable) to wait for a correction, before jumping on the slide.

Revisiting AUD/NZD

In an earlier forecast post, another currency pair was on the verge of a reversal.

Yep, the AUD/NZD.

If you caught it, then you’d be happy profiting at it’s current levels at 1.09508.

It took off pretty good, like a few other pairs on the verge of lifting off with the same potential.

Anyway, if precious metals and commodities were to rise from here on, I expect we may not see these levels for a long, long time to come.

Be on the right side (not wrong side) of the trade, amigo.

Revisiting USD/JPY

About a month ago, backĀ in December 2015, I posted signs of a USD/JPY reversal here and here.

This pair has plunged since, and is currently making a correction at 118.87.

Where is it going from here?

Probably down, down, down, but of course it won’t go down in a straight line.

If you want to get in shorting this pair at this stage, then you know the drill.