Fed Rate Fireworks

One day more.

I can almost smell it. The marketers are getting jittery. Excitement, anticipation. Fear.

Will this be the new era of above-zero interest rates, and how will the global economy take it?

Well, everyone and their grandma are expecting a fed rate hike this December, but the only important thing to us forex traders is:

How’s the market going to react?

If you’ve already positioned yourself, you’ve calculated your risks and rewards, and it’s now just sit and watch for you, then you’ve absolutely nothing to worry about because whatever the outcome, you’re prepared.

And if you’ve chosen to sit on the sideline? Then hey, you know the saying – Sometimes it’s better to sit out than be in a trade.

My Ag/USD trade has started hovering off the ground, so it’s sit on my hands and basically watching it’s trajectory from here on.

As for my risk-on currencies, I expect a rise but perhaps nothing overly dramatic.

These are interesting, unprecedented times for forex traders. So whether you profit or lose from your trades this month (week), you’re almost certain to receive an invaluable experience from the market.

A period most people have never experienced before, much less trade through with the heart of a lion.